Double Trouble got its name because of its giant double donut-shaped flume. This speedy, twisty body slide will swirl and bank you high into its corners as you accelerate to the landing pool below!

Sliders must be 36″ tall to ride this slide alone. Sliders under 36″ tall can ride with an adult.

  • Sliders must be able to support themselves while seated
  • Due to manufacturer guidelines, infants are not permitted on the rides
  • No selfie sticks
  • Eyeglasses & electronic devices must be securely affixed to slider
  • Store your valuables before you slide. (Rides and pumps will not be stopped to retrieve personal belongings)
  • Max weight/slider 300 lbs

Due to manufacturer and safety guidelines, pregnant women and persons with heart conditions and/or head, neck, back troubles, or other serious medical conditions must not use the slides.


  • Wait to be signaled by an attendant


  • Must go down the slide feet-first
  • Sit up to go slower on the slide
  • Lie down on your back to go faster on the slide
  • Do not use hands to slow down or stop


  • Do not block the end of the slide
  • Obey all instructions from attendant and exit quickly