The River Riot is the most popular and daring ride in the park. All riders must be 48″ inches or taller for this turbulent, splashy river rapids experience! Riders are seated in single waterslide tubes, cascading down a series of small drops and pools from top to bottom. Get your friends and family together on this one! It’s a Riot!

Sliders must be 48″ tall to ride this slide.

  • Sliders under 48″ tall are not allowed
  • Sliders must be able to support themselves while seated
  • No selfie sticks
  • Eyeglasses & electronic devices must be securely affixed to slider
  • Store your valuables before you slide. (Rides and pumps will not be stopped to retrieve personal belongings)
  • Max weight/slider 300 lbs
  • River Riot is a turbulent ride. Riders must stay sturdy, seated, and centered within their tube for duration of the ride

Due to manufacturer and safety guidelines, pregnant women and persons with heart conditions and/or head, neck, back troubles, or other serious medical conditions must not use the slides.


  • Keep back until a tube is given to you
  • Walk it up to the top of the slide
  • Wait to be signaled by an attendant
  • Only one tube to begin the ride at a time


  • No linking or forming chains with other tubers
  • Remain seated at all times
  • Hold firmly onto the handles
  • Do not rock the tubes
  • Do not stop in the slide
  • Use caution and be mindful of other people sharing the slide and landing pool with you


  • Do not block the end of the slide
  • Obey all instructions from attendant and exit quickly
  • Hand off the tube to someone waiting